Laser Profiling – Our Trumpf Lasers are built to achieve +/- 0.1mm positional tolerance, which can reduce or even remove the necessity for second op machining saving time and money.

The machine can operate at a standard which is not attainable through any press work or any other cutting processes currently available.

The loading of all plate material is carried out by means of a semi-automatic ” loading arm”, using suction pads to lift, hold and position material accurately, minimising handling and reducing costs.

With a bed size of 4mtr x 2mtr, our laser machine can cut up to:

  • 25mm Mild Steel
  • 40mm Stainless Steel
  • 25mm Aluminium

Express Lasers Ltd currently operate around the clock “24/7” when necessary. Combining this with a high level of stock materials

Express Lasers can offer short lead times to accommodate urgent/breakdown requirements, this ensures our customer care is of an enviable standard.